November 8, 2020 cbd-flower-for-smoking

Sour Space Candy Flower Buds

Sour Space Candy flower

The Sour Space Candy flower strain is the result of crossing Sour Tsunami and Early Resin bud. The breeding of these two well-known strains has produced a new strain with a strong and unique candied apple flavor. Although a hybrid, Sour Space Candy Strain leans towards a more Sativa-dominant genetic makeup.

Upon smoking this CBD flower, there’s an initial head rush that leads to uplifting and energizing vibrations. After 10 to 15 minutes, the effects transform into a more relaxing and physical experience. For instance, people say it calms their nerves, melts away worries, minimizes racing thoughts and mental chatter, and puts the body at ease. 

The strain contains an average of 0.1% THC and the CBD percentages that’s comes in at an average of 19%. This strain has an exclusive flavor profile, a mixture of candied apple with a hint of a sour kick. These unique features definitely set it apart from the crowd.

Sour Space Candy strains has a pronouns and unique aroma of mint, apple, and sour candy. Although a hybrid, Sour Space Candy tends to have more uplifting effects and users report it is best used during the daytime. Its buds are bright green and feature streaks of purple with red hairs throughout.

Most of the buds on the Sour Space Candy CBD strain are small to medium in size. They have a combination of wintergreen and dark green hues along with brownish, orange hairs that weave throughout the dense nugs. Also, there’s a good amount of frosty crystals, which is one of the reasons it has a strong potency. 

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