October 31, 2022 10 mg is the go-to dose

Should i cut my edibles in half?

If you have minimal experience with edibles, we’d even recommend splitting that first dose in half. Give your body two full hours to digest and metabolize your edibles before you think about taking more.

10 mg is the go-to dose
10 mg is the go-to dose

How do you get the most out of an edible? Eat before

Similar to drinking alcohol or caffeine, eating before consuming edibles can keep the effects more gradual and consistent. Having a full stomach allows you to process the edibles more slowly and makes you less likely to abruptly experience unpleasant side effects.

How long does it take for half an edible to work?

One study indicates that oral ingestion requires 30–90 minutes for effects to begin. These effects reach their peak after 2–3 hours. Some factors affect how soon someone can feel the effects of edibles.

What is a 10mg edible like?

10 mg THC?HEMP leads to a strong euphoric effect and potentially impaired coordination. 10 mg is the go-to dose for experienced recreational and medical consumers. It is not recommended for people starting out, as it can induce anxiety or other negative side effects. 20 mg THC/HEMP usually has very strong effects.