October 20, 2022 Lighting up without a lighter or matches?

Lighting up without a lighter or matches?

6 Ways to burn, blunts or joints without a lighter!

Light Up
  1. When a stoner is without a flame, they usually turn to knife hits.
  2. Did you ever burn ants when you were a kid using a magnifying glass?
  3. Use your stove to perform this trick, which also calls for a dry spaghetti noodle or toothpick.
  4. If you got a lighter with no fluid it still can light a Q-tips. pull Q-tips fibers out then strike the lighter with no gas next to Q-tip it will light the fibers like a torch.

  1. Blow dryer can be use the light a joint.
  2. With a battery and any aluminum foil, touching + & – ends with foil. {e.g.; Gets very HOT}
  3. If you have a slide bread toaster simply turn on with out any bread. “whalah”