Just CBD Signature Doobie


Just CBD Signature Doobie.

Master Kush Signature Doobie.

BaoX Signature Doobie.

Hawaiian Haze Signature Doobie.

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Just CBD Signature Doobie

The Just CBD Signature doobie comes in 100mg strength.

Rolled up into tight little cones and finished with filters, Just CBD doobies are packed full of smokable herb high in CBD.

Large and potent enough for multiple uses, these joint-like cannabis rolls keep you smoked up for days.

These Signature CBD doobies come in 3 fabulous flavors Hawaiian Haze ( Sativa) Master Kush ( Indica) Boax ( Hybrid).

From the novice to the expert smoker these CBD doobies will give you a full body relaxation effect without the effect of THC.

Hawaiian Haze Signature Doobie is pre-rolled 100mg cbd doobie. What do you get when the smokiness of haze meets the freshness of Hawaiian? You get a Hawaiian Haze strain that captures the essence, the flavors and the aromas of the islands! Airy and lightweight enough for daytime enjoyment yet strong enough to provide a lasting relaxation and relief, this strain produces a floral smell and a tropical fruit taste that’s hard to miss. Puff on this one and your senses will be transported to a laid back beach-side getaway in no time.

Boax signature hemp pre-rolled doobie contain 100mg of cbd of this strain. By yielding an 11% CBD content , this strain is typically recommended for patients who prefer to high yielding cbd hemp strain. It smells delicious and delivers a mellow feeling, which means it’s ideal for quick relaxation feeling. It’s a good starting point for anyone beginning to experiment with CBD . Some describe the taste as sweet and earthy but with a lingering tinge of tang.

Master kush doobie is 100mg pre-rolled doobie. This strain cross between two different “landrace” indica  hemp strains from the Hindu Kush region , this strain is as dynamic and as unique as they come. Dispersing an aroma similar to charas hash and a burst of citrus, the strain is a favorite due to its mild flavor and earthy fragrance. Balanced but full of body, the strain puts the body into relaxation mode but still keeps you alert. Studies have even shown that this particular strain sharpens sensory awareness, which makes it a fine selection for smoking when working or before participating in activities.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 6 in

BoAx (hybrid) 1, Master Kush (indca) 1, Hawiaiian Haze (sativa) 1, 3 (1 x 3) Mix Pack, 15 (5 x 3) Mix Pack


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