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WHO is Chronic Boom Delights?

We was founded in 2019 by a passionate group of cannabis connoisseurs.

Chronic boom delights aims to provide their clients with an unparalleled and delightful experience in the CBD/HEMP industry. We offer high quality CBD products and full transparency with our stringent 3rd party lab tests and product purity, which is all shared for our clients to see via a QR code and lab report in our CBD Store or on all our affiliates products label. Our goal has always been to utilize our knowledge and experience that we have gained being involved in Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado cannabis industries and successfully apply it to the booming CBD/HEMP market.

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We possess a passion for luxury branding and providing high quality, unique cbd store products that stand out among the rest. Whether you’re looking to relax on the couch, stroll through the park and meditate, or are seeking potential alternative remedies for other pains or ailments, we have products to suit your needs.



Our process involves using only the highest quality hemp products made from sustainable resources in the USA that are lab tested to ensure you get a consistent experience. We aim to make our product quality consistent across all applications so you can count on getting the best product at a great price.

1. High Quality Chronic

We clearly label and deliver lab reports for all of our high quality hemp products as many claims in the market do not live up to a standard level of quality expectations.

2. CBD Made In USA

We grow, produce, and manufacture all of our products in the USA to ensure the highest quality control for hemp products all the way from planning to harvest.

3. Lab Tested

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle that includes hemp should be something that everyone can access freely with our clear mission to deliver hemp CBD to the masses.


Upholding the highest standards of the Hemp industry by tailoring your experience.

Chronic boom delights has been committed to bringing people high quality CBD / Hemp products and we are proud to offer organically grown, all-natural, 2x lab-tested CBD flowers and extracts. Our vision is to flood our market with clean and exclusive Hemp and CBD products that can improve and enhance your chosen lifestyle path.