January 24, 2022

Unveiling the Wonders of Urb CBD Products

About urb cbd products

About urb cbd products

About urb cbd products Quality over Quantity—that’s Urb’s philosophy and motto, and we love it! Urb is the brainchild of the highly reputable Lifted Made hemp brand.

They’re a relatively new Delta 8 brand, but they’ve already acquired a large following.

All of their Delta 8 is derived from American grown hemp, and vigorously tested by a third-party laboratory.

Check Urb cbd products has even featured on the highly revered Great CBD Shop, and we love them even more for that. And we know you will too.

Favorite urb cbd product

We fell in love with Urb cbd Delta 8 dabs.

These Delta 8 dabs are strong! They offer a variety, including Delta 8 sauce, Delta 8 designer dabs, and Delta 8 saucy diamond dabs.

Each of Urb’s Delta 8 dabs offer a unique experience, but we’ve gotta tell you, they’re super strong. Take it easy at first. It’s better to go slow with a small amount than to be over the moon with a large amount.

Did you know Urb is a premier cannabis brand made for the flower enthusiast and connoisseur. Delve into a rich experience, electrify your senses and elevate your mind and body with premium CBD and CBG cannabis strains.

Some of the strains that urb cbd products creates :

Charlotte’s Wife: A CBD dominant Sativa strain that is composed of 15.62% CBD, 0.14% CBG and 0.11% THC.

Stormy Daniels: An Indica, CBD dominant strain of flower that packs a powerful punch of flavor.

White Whale: White Whale is the CBG Sativa power house debuting in the Urb lineup with 15.0% CBGa, 2.09% CBG, and 0.20% THC.

Jupiter: An OG Kush precursor, Jupiter will bring your orbit into balance with it’s earthy notes and splashes of lime and lemon.

Mountain Mango: Crossbreed of White Widow x Sensi Mango. Mountain Mango is a Hybrid strain boasting a lime green and sticky bud a delicious sweet and tropical terpene profile. Mountain Mango has a more Indica-like relaxed and somewhat sedative effects.